AbilityNews Gets a Facelift

on June 2, 2009

You may have noticed some recent changes to the look and feel of AbilityNews. Michael Croft, an expert in print and design graphics has joined the AbilityNews team. Michael is
employed at The Billings Gazette, and also does freelance graphic and design work as MC Design. We are very excited about the new ideas that Michael brings to the AbilityNews
team, and to have the support of someone with a professional background in media print and design.

For over three years, my wife and I have worked behind the scenes at AbilityNews providing layout and design support. Now, my role will evolve to include additional marketing and
editing support. My wife will appreciate the extra few hours of “free time” – with five young kids at home, every minute of down-time matters. In any case, AbilityNews expresses
gratitude to Brenda Snizek for her gracious, unheralded support over the years!

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