Message From Vern

on August 1, 2009

AbilityNews is a newletter that I created because I wanted to help people by talking about my life and others who have disabilities. Life can be hard sometimes, but I have always had people around me that believed in me, and supported me. I have also come to understand that my wheelchair is a good part of my life that helps me access the community and meet new friends. I do not let my disabilities stop me from living my life. I can only be the person that I want to be by working through difficult things, trying my best, and deciding to add some good to the world.

I enjoy my most important job as a father — my family has shown me how to do it and I am very grateful for that. When I was little boy I had hard time with my disability and did not understand why it seemed that my challenges were different than many others – why I could not do some of the things others did easily and I thought took for granted. But, as I get older I am seeing more similarities in others than differences. Sometimes differences may stick-out more like using a wheelchair, other times, differences are hidden. Sometimes the hardest limitations to deal with are when we falsely think we have no limitations. Perfection is a burden only God can shoulder well – but for the rest on planet earth disability is a part of the human experience. Life’s experiences that are hardest (for us) have the power to teach us the most, that can help us grow, and can help connect us to others we thought were so different. 

Thanks for reading.

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