NAD Board of Directors Approve New ASL Position Statement

on June 4, 2009

The Board of Directors of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) approved a new position statement on American Sign Language (ASL) at its January 2008 meeting in Santa Fe, NM. The NAD reaffirmed its stance that acquisition of language from birth is a human right for every person, and that deaf infants and children should be given the opportunity to
acquire and develop proficiency in ASL as early as possible. ASL is recognized as the sign language of the American deaf community.

“This ASL position statement now brings us full circle and draws upon the original values of our founders,” said Bobbie Beth Scoggins, NAD President. “Since 1880, the NAD has worked
tirelessly to preserve, protect, and promote ASL as human right. The NAD also strongly believes in the right of deaf children to achieve linguistic fluency in both ASL and English so that they can become fully participating, contributing, and productive members of American society.”

To view the full position statement in ASL and English, visit www.nad.org/ASLposition.

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