Would you Could you, in the Dark?

on April 29, 2010

A few nights ago, my seven year-old and I read the Dr. Seuss’ classic Green Eggs & Ham, and it struck me.   “Sam-I-Am” is not as cute as I remember him.   Maybe he has become too much like the obnoxious uncle most can relate to: that embarrasses everyone at Christmas dinner after drinking too much?   It seems that Uncle Sam has become “that relative” who can’t take a hint, doesn’t listen, pushes his politics, and you know inevitably, will puke on the carpet, and expect us to clean up the mess.   We put up with it and we enable because, after all we still love him, and feel we have few options.   We hope it ends well, like in the storybook version.   After badgering the ignorant, grouch on trains, boats and planes, he gives up.   To his surprise (and better judgment) he likes green slop.   The didactic lesson taught to children is: “Your parents know best: now sit down, shut up and eat your green veggies.”  But I wonder what lesson would be taught; if Dr. Seuss had told his story with the more likely ending of Salmonella poisoning?
We all need to wade through a maze of conflicting opinions, but as for me and my house, eating green meat has never been a smart idea.

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